Tour booking component

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JB Tour booking component is designed for travel agency. Its strengths come from its ease of use, yet comprehensive features to provide a complete solution for Sightseeing, Cruise, Vacation, Excursions and Charter operators of all sizes. 

Highlight features


Create and sell tour package

  • Tour package can be excursion or long trip.
  • Tour package can be private or jointed-group.
  • Tour package can have the  unlimited package class.
  • Tour package can have the unlimited destination.

Responsive Layouts

Nice, clean, responsive layouts.

JB Tour has a nice, clean, attractive theme with different layouts to display tour listing, search module (vertical or horizontal)

  • Users can browse, make a reservation for  a tour.... on both computers and mobile devices such as Iphone, Ipad, Smart Phones...
  • Different layouts available to display tour: Default (list) layout, Columns (Grid) layout.
  • Bootstrap calendar for mobile responsive.

Custom Subscription Form

Flexible pricing & tour availability setting

  • Can define price for each passenger ( rate per person) or group of passenger ( rate per group of person)
  • Can define price by number of passenger (rate per maximum and minimum person) 
  • Can define price by age of traveler ( adult, child, infant)
  • Can define price by class of package (Basic, Standard, Deluxe,...) 
  • Can define price by week day or weekend
  • Can define tour available by date, duration, week day
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Search and filter setting.

You can search or list tour by some criteria in search module and menu item.

  • Search by keyword, duration, category, destination ( country, city, landscape)
  • Menu item: You can create menu item page which is filtered by duration, category, destination

Online Payment Gateways

Payment & payment gateways

  • Allow full payment or define deposit amount for a booking
  • Allow payment with over 15 available payment gateways
  • The most popular payment gateways: Paypal, Offline payment plugins come with the extension by default
  • Other payment gateways are released as separate payment plugins. See Payment Plugins to see list of available payment plugins
  • If you need a payment plugin which is not supported, you can contact us and we will give you quotation for the development

Emails notification

Emails Notification System

  • Notification emails sent to administrator when someone register/ sign up for a customer.
  • Confirmation emails sent to customers when they book for a tour
  • Notification emails sent to administrator when you get a booking

SEF / SEO optimization

  • Smart Joomla core SEF router generate friendly urls without having to use any third party SEF extensions.
  • You can set meta data (meta keywords, meta description) for each tour.

Social Sharing and Integration

  • Social sharing plugin support facebook, linkedin, google.
  • Social Integration: Customer can login by social account: Facebook, Google, Linkedin

Full features but easy to use back-end management

  • Flexible configuration for currency, passengers field, customer field.
  • Create and manage tour category
  • Manage multiple level of destination
  • Create and manage tour, itinerary
  • Manage customer, booking.
  • Create and manage Coupons.
  • Change, customize messages / email messages.


  • Search module: Search module is in the component package
  • Tour listing module: Tour listing module is in the component package
  • Slideshow module: Display tour in the slideshow


  • Allow define addon for tour extra services ( transfer, sightseeing, room...) 
  • Customer can book tour with or without admin
  • Addon management function at backend

Other features

  • Invoice PDF. to use
  • Coupon code
  • Customer fields

Typical price setting for tour component

Sample 1

Package 1-3 pax 4-6 pax 7-10 pax  
 Standard  1200$  1000$  900$
 Deluxe  1400$  1200$  1000$

Sample 2

Package 1 pax 2 pax 3-5 pax  
Single  800$    
Twin    1400$  
Triple      2000$

Sample 3

Package 1 pax 2 pax 3-5 pax  
Depart at Airport 1  1400$  1400$  1400$
Depart at Port 1  1200$  1600$  1400$
Depart at Metro 1  1100$  1800$  2000$

See tour booking manual for more information

Complete website package:

Besides providing you with JB Tour component and we could develop it yourself, we also offer you a second choice which would help you build a complete tour booking website with time- and cost-saving, it is to use a tour package including tour component and a available template. Therefore you can immediately put your tour booking website into operation with basic functions as you can see in tour booking component.

Tour booking website

JB Tour v2.0.1- 15-10-2014

- Add custom field, admin can configure custom field for the booking form

- Add rate by day, improve rate setting and calendar

- Add inquiry form for tour with catalog mode

- Improve excursion tour definition and booking

- Improve trip tour definition and booking

- Improve tour listing page with more filter - Improve tour module with more filter 

JB Tour v2.0.2- 12-12-2014

- Add deposit feature

- Add tour addon feature: Can configure addon of package, then customer can buy tour with addon together

- Add group price feature: Can define price for a group of passenger

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