Ready bus booking website

Price: 799 $


Bus booking website is ready website which provides the functions for booking bus service

You get with your Package

  • Joomla 2.5; 3.x
  • Bookpro Suite license  (all modules/plugins/etc) Fully installed and setup
  • FREE Template!
  • One year of upgrades 
  • Support for 1 year

Basic information

- Finding route based on departure location, departure date, arrival, oneway and roundtrip
- Managing route and setting frequency of a route
- Bus stop management for a route
- Destination management, car and transportation company management

- Booking without registration
- Customer and order tracking 
- Price and discounted price setting
- Ticket printing
- Order management
- Email notification for admin & customer
- Currency configuration
- Email template editing

Special offer!

- Customizing a new payment gateway with 150$ if you need
- Customizing a new template with 150$ if you need

Frontend demo is available

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