Travel Booking Softwares including Flight, Tour, Hotel, Bus Booking Software have been designed to simplify the task of online booking in Joomla Content Management Website for small and medium travel agencies worldwide. Moreover, these softwares can be combined with each other to set up a complex travel portal based on Joomla CMS

It provides users an unique, intuitive and easy to use interface that improves the way people use the web today with most unique and powerful features to make it convenient for all users including guests or website’s admin in customizing tour package or individual Flight, Hotels and Bus booking system.

Our booking software enhances the entire tourism, package booking web experience in Joomla. It is Flexible, Simple, Elegant, customizable and Powerful. Our booking component is Easy to install, Simple to manage and Reliable, plus it is the latest updated booking application in the world.

They can be used with an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) which is so called Joomla. Joombooking is the leading travel booking solution for Joomla! It can be both Joomla plugin or ready booking script.

Highlight features

1. Catalog definition is designed to define your company’s products visibly and understandably

2. Online booking is carried out quickly and flexibly. Besides both customer and admin will receive an email notification which can be edit arbitrarily after each successful booking

3. Report: Powerful report system, consisting of reservation management, customer tracking order and so on, is provided completely and regularly to aid your company in managing from back-end, operating and updating information about current online booking activities.

4. Online payment can be carried out quickly and promptly via Paypal, Credit card

5. User guide documents

You will get

1. Centralized management for hotel, flight, tour and bus booking services is set up to provide better online booking management

2. Time saving: Bookpro has also integrated with flexible functions which can be applied for the different types of website without customizing

3. Cost effectiveness: You can get our products at a very reasonable cost, simultaneously we also provide before- and after-sales support in order to help you and your customers enjoy fully advantages of our products