When the Expedia component is completed installing, you must  configure database for enabling the  suggestion search function. You should have VPS or Dedicated server to do this task.

Expedia Setting

1. Register account at Expedia Developer Hub http://developer.ean.com/

2. Register API key and fill to component configuration at Expedia Setting Tab

You should enter CID and API key, enable test mode or live mode, and put some default value for hotel searching function 

Enable auto complete suggestion 

1. Synchronize database with Expedia:

Expedia has the guide for synchronizing database with local database at http://developer.ean.com/database-catalogs/ean-db-scripts/

2. Configuring database for search module

Install SSL certificate

Expedia REQUIRES you to use SSL encryption to encryption sensitive data. So you should buy SSL certificate and install for your website