1. Install component in Joomla Extension Manager: The payment offline and standard paypal plugin will be installed automatically with component

When you are finished installing, go to Bookpro in the component Menu

2. System configuration

You can setup currency parameter

You can show/hide passenger field the booking form

You can show/hide for customer field in the booking form 

3. Manage destination (Airport)

To manage depart destination and arrival destination

4. Manage flight

4.1 Create flight

4.2 Create available date and rate

You can define rate for each day

4.3 View availability calendar

You can view rate by calendar and delete rate for specific day

5. Manage orders

At orders listing at the backend, you can view, edit order detail such as: pay status, update customer and passenger information

6. Print ticket

Customer can print ticket the website by following way:

- Create a page which link to Bookpro->View Ticket 

- When customer browses this page, fill the ticket ( booking ID)  then they can view and print ticket to PDF file