I.Installation guide

- Joomla 3 and our component requires PHP 5.3.28 and newer, MySQL 5.1 or newer

- Xampp error reporting configuration: To hide warning and strict standard, you can change a parameter in php.ini

error_reporting = E_ERROR 

When you run website on server, unless change php.ini, you can change Joomla configuration parameter: Error reporting the Server tab to None, see picture

- Our extensions is built on core Joomla 3 bootstrap library to make responsive interface. Then you should use the bootstrap template for your website.

II. Post installation

When you finish the component installation, there are some steps that needs to do to make component working

2. Setup mail notification parameter

3. Redirect user to specific component when user login at the administrator 

- Download free plugin: JB Admin Redirect at http://joombooking.com/extensions/bookpro-plugin/product/33-jb-admin-login-redirect.html

- Install this plugin as a Joomla extension and configure it

4. If you want to get Joomla user link to Joombooking account when user register by standard Joomla registration page

- Download free plugin at http://joombooking.com/extensions/bookpro-plugin/produupct/43-jb-user-creation.html

- Install this plugin as a Joomla extension and enable it. 

5. Paypal configuration

- Paypal plugin is included in all Joombooking components, you will manage Paypal plugin at the Joomla Plugin Management

- Paypal will notify payment status via IPN, booking status will be changed depend on the payment status and email notification will delivery to customer when system get payment status from Paypal

- Setup IPN: Click this link: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/ipn/integration-guide/IPNSetup/

- Fill the Notification URL: http://yourdomain.com/index.php?option=com_bookpro&controller=payment&task=postpayment&paction=process&method=payment_paypal

In this case, yourdomain.com is full domain name of your website.