1.System requirements

1.1 Software requirement

- Joomla 3.3.x or newer 

- MySQL 5.1 or newer

- PHP 7

- Joomla template supports Bootstrap 4

1.2. Third party services integration (Click configuration menu at Carpool component)

- Validated Google Map API: Enabling the Autocomplete, Distance Matrix, Place API, Geocoding API, Direction Service, allowing both www domain and non-www domain to use API key

- Facebook App Key:  https://developers.facebook.com/docs/apps/

Add facebook Login product and put Valid OAuth Redirect URIs as following





Replace YOURDOMAIN.COM by your domain name

- Stripe API: Payment gateway integration

2. Global configuration

- Date time format: Accept standard PHP time format

- Google Map API Key: Fill your google map API key

- Country Code: To limit google auto-complete addresses within a country

- Term and Condition setting: Create the article for display term and condition at the payment page

- Privacy Policy setting: Select privacy article at user registration.

2. Master data

Currency Setting

Country Setting

2.1 Bus company manager

You can sell ticket for one or for multiple bus operator,  thus you can manage your bus operators at the backend. Can add, update and remove the bus company

2.5 Ticket Type manager

You can define the ticket type for your bus booking system, the ticket type can be adult ticket, child ticket, senior ticket, family ticket ....each ticket type can have different price when you create price for route

3.Route manager

3.1 Create route group

You can create route or multiple route with this tool, if you add three destination is A,B,C then you will get A-B, B-C and A-C segment in this route.

3.2 Create pickup and drop off location

You can create the pickup and drop off location for each route, when customer make a booking, they can select the pickup and drop off location for their trip.

If the pickup and drop off is not define, the start and end location will be use for pickup and drop off

To do it, select a route and click edit

3.3 Adding rate for route

You can define rate for each route on date, if the price of date is not available, the route does not display on the search result of the frontend.

The total  price of round trip booking policy: Total = Round trip price (one-way) + Round trip price (return)

This view helps you creating rate for a duration 

4. Email Setting

 To manage email template, you can edit email template which be sent to customer and driver when booking

5. Booking management

5.1 Bookings

Booking status: Pending, Confirmed

Payment status: Not paid, Paid

Seat availability: System calculates the seat availability by the confirmed booking status, if booking status is pending, the seat of that booking will be available 

Can filter booking by some parameters


1.  Configure Search module

Starting point to enter the searching shared rides 

2. Configure Account module

2. Configure Listing module

Listing newest share drides