Knowledge Base - Config/Install Payment Plugins

To enable online payment at your website, you will need to have a merchant account in order to receive payment from your registrants. In our component,each payment gateway is implemented as a Joomla Plugin.

Paypal and Offline plugin come with our component by default. Paypal will be used  for online payment, Offline will be used for Pay later Pay by Cash options

Other payment plugins  you will need to purchase it. You can see list of extra payment plugins at

Go to Extension -> Plugin Manager  to manage these payments plugins.

Config the payment plugins you use on your site

After unpublishing the payment plugins you don't use, you need to configure the one you will be using. Usually, you would like to change the title of the payment plugin and entering the payment plugin parameter (for example, with Paypal payment plugin, you will need to enter your Paypal Email account, set it to use Test Mode or Live Mode....)

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