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Before using the extension, you need to access to Configuration function of the extension to change configuration data to meet your purpose.  When you first install the extension, the system auto generate default configuration data. To change these configuration parameters, please login to back-end, access to JB Tour => Configuration.

There are many configuration parameters, the meaning of each parameter is explained next to them, and they are easy to understand. I will just explains the meaning of important parameters in the below section:

  • Main settings:
    • Currency setting: Main currency  (three letters of ISO 4217 Currency Codes), currency symbol (to change symbol of currency into $, £, ₩...) 
    • Date format setting
    • Privacy article setting: Select an article from Joomla content 
    • Terms and condition setting: Select an article from created Joomla content in JB Tour/Configuration/Main Setting/Booking Term/Select (or add new one from Tab Content/Article/Add New Article). This function defaults for Payments form. 
  • Google map key: Please get Google map key at 
  • Account settings: to change some parameters about the account. Choose Yes or No for login required before booking, and other parameters you can make it the default.
  • Tour detail view: it's the way tour details display on the component with calendar type, destination, category, duration, itineraries ... You can allow them to display on your site or not. 
  • Registration fields: it's the way registration information (last name, address, country, mobile ...) display on the component.
  • Passenger fields: it's the way passenger information ( gender, last name, first name, email, passport ...) display on the component.
  • Company: it's the part you can provide information of your company for customers, such as name, address, logo ...

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JB Tour

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