Knowledge Base - Setup tour itineraries & destination

Informations about itineraries of a tour is very important for your customers to know what will they do and where will they go in each day before booking the tour. 

From the listing: Go to Tours and click on "Manage" button under "Itineraries" column, then you can add/edit the itinerary for a tour. You can sort the itineraries by drag and drop feature.

Each itinerary contains the information about destinations and activities for your customers in each day, then the tour will be linked to the destination through itinerary manager.

For the day trip tour, you can hide the itinerary tab at the frontend, but if you want we can find the tour by destination, you should define at least one itinerary for them.

For example:

You can edit information about each day of a tour easily with the list below:

Applies To

JB Tour

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