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Go to JB Tour -> Tours -> Title of Tours click to Availability Section. There are 2 status:

        1. Availability control: No -> It generates automatically the available days or It defaults all duration of days is available.

        2. Availability control: Yes -> click back to Tours and click on "Manage" button under "Availability" column of tour.

To manage Availability:

- You can create availability calendar for a tour by date, you can open or close the tour by date. 

- From this view, you can generate availability for a tour by duration, and you can update the status of calendar, set number of available seat. 

- The maximum number of generated days is 180 days one time, if you want to add more the available date, you have to select different from, to date then click the generate button again 

You can see that clearly here:

You can fill the number of seats in the blank on the top of this board and click "Generate" button if all days in a week have a same seats. You also can pick any day in a week to edit if have some differences of seat numbers from days in a week. It allows your customer to see number of seats exactly and book tour easily. Click "Next" button to see all next days. 

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JB Tour

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