Knowledge Base - Display google map

Every tour has some destinations, maybe your customers doesn't know about those destinations clearly, so you should show the locations on google map. To display google map for destinations of a tour, you should do following actions:

Notes: The google map policy changed from 22 June, you have to get  API key and fill it into the component configuration

Check this link:

1. Edit the destination with its location on google map.

Fill the map location when you edit destination: Go to "Destination" and click on a destination, you will see a list of informations about it like this: 

2. Add the destinations into itinerary of a tour:

Edit tour itinerary which links to destination: go to edit itinerary of a tour, you can see a box which you have to fill the name of destination. 

After setting up the location of destination on google map, it can display on your page clearly in "Location" tab, easy for customers to see and book a tour. 

3. Enable view the map of destination:

Go to "Configuration" -> choose tab "Tour detail view", we will see a list of information about tour like picture below: 

The tour map can contains many destinations, it showed by the markers.

Applies To

JB Tour