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The translations can be applied to the front site and to the Administrator section as well. All the language definitions for the extensions are located in the following directories:


The language for plugins (payment plugin, and other plugin) are located at


Notes: All language files of us has word: "com_bookpro"

You can download the free text editor such as Notepad++ to edit the language file

Both the above directories contain sub-folders, one for each language installed in your Joomla. In this example we assume that our Joomla has two languages installed, English and Spanish (from the Administrator section, Extensions - Language Manager we can see all the Languages installed) and we want to translate one component and one module from English into Spanish.
The above directories will contain in our example the folder en-GB and the folder es-ES. That is where the .ini language files are located.

If we wish to have these words translated in another languages, we have to translate them manually.

These are the steps to follow for creating a Spanish translation file for a component:

1. Copy the file /language/en-GB/en-GB.com_bookpro.ini into the folder /language/es-ES/
2. Rename the file as /language/es-ES/es-ES.com_bookpro.ini
3. Open the file es-ES.com_bookpro.ini and translate all the English definitions into Spanish
4. Save the changes.

Override language of component

If you want to update the component in the future without change your custom label,

Please create the language file with name: en-GB.com_bookpro.custom.ini, you can change en-GB to your language tag, then copy to language folder

In this content of custom language file, you can replace the language key in the en-GB.com_bookpro.ini file by new label

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