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There are the special email templates per website which can be configured to be sent either manually or automatically at particular stages once a customer has completed a booking or send inquiry. They can be edited in JB Tours/ Email setting and can contain data regarding the customer, product and booking by using tags.

The templates are sent as HTML, so you can use HTML tags for things like headings, lists or adding images.

A "thank you" email sent at the end of the online booking process (or manually sent by admin)

We suggest that the basics of a confirmation email should include:

  • What they have booked
  • Reconfirm their contact details (so if they entered them correctly they may contact you to tell you)
  • What they have paid (and therefore what remains to be paid)

At a very minimum, your booking confirmation email would therefore look like this:

Dear {customer},

Thank you for choosing to book with INSERT COMPANY NAME. I am pleased to confirm receipt of your booking as follows:


Booking Reference Number: {order_number}

Booking Status: {order_status} Group: {adults}

YOUR TOUR DETAILS {tour_summary}


YOUR DETAILS Name: {customer}
Address: {address}
Email: {email}
Telephone Number: {mobile}

Your inquiry confirmation email would therefore look like this:

Dear {customer},

Thank you for enquiring about {title}. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and aim to respond within 24 hours. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us by telephone 1-234-56789.

Your information request:

Your name: {customer},

Package option: {option}

Depart date: {depart}

Number of person: {adult}


Kind regards,

Name: Jenny

Phone: 1-234-56789


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JB Tour

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