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If your tours is not ready for making an online booking directly from customer, you can switch tour to inquiry mode then customer can send an inquiry for asking more information to the tour to admin. 

Inquiry form supports custom fields then you can customize your form flexible for gathering customer information.

Fields: {customer}, {firstname}, {lastname}, {email}, {mobile}, {country}, {tour_name}, {adult}, {child}, {infant}, {days}, {depart}, {notes}

Email confirmation with inquiry information requested will be sent to customer and admin after inquiry information is submitted.

The email templates can be edited in JB Tours/ Email setting. The templates are sent as HTML, so you can use HTML tags for things like headings, list or adding images.




Firstname: {firstname}

Lastname: {lastname}

Email: {email}

Mobile: {mobile}

Country: {country}


Tour name: {tour_name}

Adults: {adult}

Children: {child}

Infants: {infant}

Duration: {days}

Depart date: {depart}

Description: {notes}

Applies To

JB Tour

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