Knowledge Base - Multiple language configuration

Multiple language is extra paid features

1. Download & Install JB multilingual Plugin and Enable it.

2. Install more than one language pack. Your site need to have at least 2 language already.

Extentions/ Languages/ Install Language.

Add New content language.

3. Configure multilinguage according to Joomla guide.

Reference here:

4. After create menu as item 3, create Menu items, other Module of translated language. 

5.  Translate JB Tour content. When user installs new language pack for Joomla,  the translation icon will be showed at Jb tour listing. User click icon to translate content for each language

Remark: you need to translate all items Category, Destination, Price type, room type, Addons, Promotion fields before content of Tour field. If not Tour won't display on site.

* Frondend configuration
Using the Joomla module language switcher to display language selection.
Language configuration is inherited from Joomla core

Applies To

JB Tour