Knowledge Base - [First to read] Term meaning & Instruction in using JB Tour


a. Configuration: Before using the JB Tour, you need to access to Configuration function of the extension to change configuration data to meet your purpose. Pay attention some fields like symbol of Currency (to show in the payment ticket customer), enter Articles before input Booking term & register, ...

b. Email setting:  the special email templates per website which can be configured to be sent either manually or automatically at particular stages once a customer has completed a booking or send inquiry.

c. Coupon setting: Offer custom online coupons and discounts for booking tour, coupon can be percent discount or fix amount discount, can apply for total value or for each passenger.

d. Category setting: Our component allows you to organize your item cross infinite categories and subcategories (nested categories).

e. Country & Destination: input place where will passenger go in each day before booking the tour.

f. Room type/ Room supplement booking: configure type of room as Hotel supplier for Group tour passenger. 

h. Addon: Some tours have extra programs, it's not available in main schedule of your tours. If your customers want to enjoy these programs, they have to pay amount of money for that. Addon will be applied to each passenger option.

i. Cut-off time: The cut-off time is the latest possible time you can place a booking, you can set cut-off time for each tour by hour.

j. Availability setting: to be available days or duration of day in calendar with rate.

k. Payment offline: that show the means of payment not related transfer online on YOUR WEBSITE, it can be Pay by Cash, Pay by ATM ... 

h. Agency setting: setting account for agency to see their discount price of each tour.


Installation Configuration of a Tour Display


Customizing front-end display of tour

Config/Install Payment Plugins

Search module

JB Tour module

Display google map 

Create login and registration page

When you access to JB Tour, that is suggestion step for you to input Tour systematically & easily.

1. Country: programmed to choose. Let check your country & surely it publishes. Destination: Add New the City/ Province/ or any Place of your Tours. See more Country & Destination Setting

2. Category: Add New each Category for types of each tours. See more: Categories Setting

3. Coupon: apply for customer has coupon code. See more: Coupon Setting

4. Promotion: apply for stage and for all customer. 

5. Addon: applied extra program for tourist. See more: Addon

6. Room type/Price type: Add New type of room/ Room supplement booking. See more: Room supplement booking

7. Tour: add the name of tour. See more:  Tour

              Rate manage: Rate manage

              Availability Setting: Availability Setting

              Itineraries: To set up itineraries of tour with meals.  Itineraries

              Manage galery: Manage galery

              Cut-off time setting: Cut-off time setting

              Short description: to describe the destination, it is under the form of information table of front-end.

After that you can configure below function & Test tour.

Confirmation email setting: Confirmation email setting

Manage custom fields: Manage custom fields

Sending inquiry form: Sending inquiry form


Multiple language configuration

Translate component to other language

Multiple currency configuration

Discount for Agencies Setting

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