Knowledge Base - Rate manage (Pricing setting)

Managing tour price options and availability is one of the most important job for tour manager. The powerful of pricing options will help you to get flexible pricing options.

After completing set up name of tour, option type, pax quantity, group price, title and description about tour, the next step is creating rate options for users can browse and book for your tours which fit with the cost they have. It's very important for your customers. 

Step 1: Click into Manage button. 

Go to JB Tour => Tours => Manager (under column "Rate manager") => Edit (under column "Rate manager"), you will see a table of the prices based on calendar. So you can edit the prices of tour with days in a week, normal day and holiday, high season, ... 

Step 2: Click Genarate to create group to edit price. Then click into Edit button or in title of package.

Step 3: In the group option type, the calendar is displayed. You need select 1 in 2, not both: No of month, Start date & End Date.

- No of month: You'll choose the number of month for many month with the same price once time.

- Start date & End Date: duration or exact your tour date. 

Week day: tick on day that tour operates.

Fill the price in Box option (below week day) you choose. Then Save.

You can check the day with price in the calendar beside.

If you want to Edit price of 1 day, click into Edit symbol of that day, then Edit and save in that box. No need to click Save all on the top left of your screen.

From that page, you will be able to edit/save/save and close/empty price history/empty price/cancel the prices easily. 


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JB Tour

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