Knowledge Base - Addon management

Some tours have extra programs, it's not available in main schedule of your tours. If your customers want to enjoy these programs, they have to pay amount of money for that.

Addon will be applied to each passenger option.

To enable addon function, do the following steps

1. Go to JB Tour => Addons, you will see a list of addons which you created for users can browse and book for these extra programs. 

From that page, you will be able to add some new addons or edit by clicking the available title in the list, then complete some information such as title, price,  and description about addon of your tours. Sometime, you have to add tour tipping into this list like a addon if your tour mentioned about tour tipping. 

You can sort addons by dragging and dropping sort functions, search addons by several criterias and publish/unpublish/delete these addons. 

2. At the tour edit: Add the addons for each tour

3. At the JB Tour->Configuration -> Passenger tab: Enable addon field

Applies To

JB Tour