Acceptance of Terms:
You must agree following terms and conditions before you buy any of Joombooking’s products. Please review the following terms and conditions before downloading any materials from the Joombooking Website or buying of our software products.

Fraudulent online transactions, fraudulent online transactions claims, fraudulent credit card charges or fraudulent claims:

Prices displayed on the website are the retail prices. Attempts successful or otherwise to alter the amount being paid for a product constitutes fraud and will be persued by our legal department. Joombooking reserves the right to inform the merchant handling  payments of any attempted fraudalent transactions.


Products purchased that are downloadable or email attachment are NOT refundable.

Customers are encouraged to see demo of the software prior to purchasing a software license. During the evaluation period, technical support is available by sending emails to email addresses given on support pages on our website.

Delivery of Product

After placing the formal order, you will receive an email from us tell how to product will be delivery, you need to send the domain that product will be installed, usually we will send product to customer within 12 hours from payment time. 
Some part of component likes plugin, module, documentation,resource... you need to register an account on our website, administrator will approve your request and then you can download them. 

You can access and download update version within one year from purchased date

Contacting us

You may contact the company for customer support or service by sending email to email addresses on support pages on our website