How and when can I download the product after purchase?
After the payment process you can instantly download the product from the Download Area section. In addition, we will send you an email receipt with all order and download information, so you can check back any time in the future.
I have paid for my order but not yet accessed to download
Normally, your order will be created automatically upon receipt of a successful payment. There are some cases that your payment is NOT SUCCESSFUL and we have to review and process download information manually
Is this a monthly price or a one-time payment?
The price is one-time payment, not monthly fee. The price you pay is a one time fee, with no hidden or recurring charges of any kind, and there's no limit on how long you can use the template or extension either.
Can you merge two or more Joomboooking components?.
Yes, you can. Joombooking allow merging components such as hotel booking, tour booking and transportation reservation into a single component and customer will pay for integration service based on workload
Can you integrate with a flight booking system or GDS
Yes, we can integrate with Sabre or Amadeus, the fee of integration will depend on the customer requirements. Please contact us for more detail.
Can we have a trial version running on our own web servers.
Not at this time, we don't have a trial version
You say "Lifetime of the Project", what does that mean?
We've been working solidly on Joombooking for over 3 years now, and it doesn't look like we'll slow down anytime soon.
Do you recommend the template provider for joombooking component?
Our component is compatible with the core Joomla template (bootstrap included). So if you buy a template for using our components, you must guarantee that template supports Bootstrap version 2.3, at the moment we know Gavick does not use bootstrap in many Gavick templates
How to integrate a local payment gateway?.
If you cannot use our existing payment plugin and if you want to use the local payment gateway for your website, you can request the payment integration development to us. You should pay 150$ for a new payment gateway. If you are looking for global credit card payment, you can use 2Checkout gateway in your website
Can install component for multiple domain?

Any more questions? Please contact us