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Hotel booking component

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Joomla! version: Joomla 3.3 or newer DOCUMENTS

JB Hotel booking is a Joomla component which is designed for hotel portal. With a wide range of features designed and developed, hotel booking component can be flexibly used for different purposes such as managing a chain of hotels or building website for domestic hotel booking or for booking hotels over the world and selling hotel package 

Highlight features
- Mobile responsive
- Latest Joomla version compatible
- Bootstrap 2.3 compatible

Site Backend

1. Hotel manager: Use to set up basic information and facility for each hotel (rank, image, map, location, cancel policies, description, email...)

2. Room manager: Use to create rooms in which you can set up number of adults, children, number of each type of room. Besides, you can add in extra number of adults, children with different price for each room

3. Room rate management: Use to define room rate for each period or for specific days. After you set up price for each room, price will automatically apply for a year and you can edit price for a period or for defined day as plan of hotel. This would be useful to change price to suitable for weekend, vacations or seasons.

4. Email notification system: Email notification including all booking information (hotel name, kind of room, date, time, price...) will be automatically sent to customer, admin and hotel supplier after each successful booking; admin can edit email template arbitrarily.

5. Booking history: Customer who has an account on the system can check information about their advance bookings (kind of rooms, date, time,price...)

6. Customer manager: Include all information about customers (can be transmitted via online booking or can be put in by admin)

7. Booking Management: Include details of each order and its payment status

8. Coupon manager: Use to discount price of room for each hotel for a period of time depend on promotion program. Discount amount can be a number of dollar or a percentage

9. Modules: Support customers in choosing hotels more easily such as:

+ Search Module

+ Top destinations including destinations with the largest number of rooms booked,

+ Popular hotels including hotels booked the most; plus search module also helps customer to search hotel by different parameters such as Destination, rank, hotel name

10. Facility: Use to create facility for hotel and for each room. 

11. Hotel package management

Hotelier Admin

- Update hotel information: Gallery, falcility

- Update room and rate information

- Booking management

Online payment

- Paypal method is included in the component, other payment gateway you can buy at

If your required payment method is not included on our website, we can customize it for you.