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JB Multi Currency

Price: $40

Joomla! version: Joomla 3.3 or newer

FOR JB TOUR version 2.1 or newer 

JB multiple currency module allows booking engine owner to setup multiple currencies. With this module, customers can view the price by any predefined currency at backend

How to setup Primary or default currency?

First you have to decide your primary or default currency. The exchange rate option in currency settings is used to set the default currency. If the exchange rate is set be 1.000000 for a particular currency, it will serve as the default currency.

For legacy compatible, you have to set the same default currency with JB Tour->Configuration

For e.g., if US $ is been set the rate 1, it will be the default currency and the corresponding exchange rate will be 0.81 for Euro. In this way we will calculate the prices for products based on currency transitions.

Update and synchronize exchange rate automatically

1) You can click update button to update live exchange rate 

2) If you want to update exchange rate automatically, you should setup a cronjob (daily, hourly,...)  to run this link:

Multiple currency for booking engine