JB Carpool is the Joomla ready made website for providing car pooling service, which is most interesting topic of the sharing economic concept recently

The main important functions and capabilities of this carpool frontend

  • Registration
    • Rider or driver account registration
    • Mobile phone verification ( integrated with Clickatell)
    • Account profile page, support avatar, cover photo
    • Facebook login integration
    • Account dashboard page
    • Money withdrawing for driver
  • Easy submit of rides and entries
    • Submitting a route and waiting for passenger
    • Submitting a alert and waiting for driver
    • Google Map integration
  • Comprehensive search and booking
    • Searching a route by starting location, arrival location, radius, date and time
    • Booking a seat
    • Card-less payment (with Stripe payment gateway)
  • Notification service
    • Email notification
    • SMS notification
  • User friendly interface:
    • Bootstrap 3 compatible 
    • Desktop interface
    • Mobile interface
  • Multilingualism
    • The carpool software can be extended by any language

The main important functions and capabilities of this carpool backend

  • System configuration (currency, timezone….)
  • Email template
  • Account management
  • Booking management
  • Reporting
  • Withdraws

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