Hotel portal booking website is designed for hotels and tour agencies which operates in hotel business. Hotels Portal can be used by any hotel portal business (i.e. agencies, hotel associations) which rent their properties per room basis.  Hotel Portal can be used for building the hotel package booking website, where you can sell the hotel package such as: retreat package, excursion and tour ...

Followings are main business features of our product

1. Hotel portal: Unlimited number of hotels can be set up.

2. Online booking: Customer can choose and book room on computer, laptop, smartphone... and make payment via online payment gateways instead of coming to the office to make payment directly.

2.1 Search hotel by destination or hotel name

2.2 Check room and rate availability

2.3. Online payment by multiple gateways: Credit card, Paypal...

3. Guest booking: Customer can book without signing up with an account on the website. However, they cannot be able to see their history booking that they made before

4. Permanent user booking: Customers can book room with their account on the website and would be able to see their booking history.

5. Agent features: Travel agents will have an account on the website, they can book rooms for their customer and receive a discount. There are 2 types of agents set up including tour operator and premium

6. Hotel owner features: Hotel owner can arbitrarily set up their hotels, rooms with all needed information, map, images, price, rate, choose and give price for facilities for hotel and for each room conveniently from front-end.

7. Hotel widget booking: Hotel owner can create the widget script and place in any websites to gather more booking or marketing campaign    

Followings are main technical features of our product

1. Joomla 3 CMS

2. Mobile responsive interface

Other features of our hotel booking website

You can set up list of hotels according to parameters, simultaneously customers can access all details of each hotel listed simply and conveniently via links connecting hotel on the list with its own website

The product can define kinds of room and look for room based on destination, price and rank.

We also integrate Google Maps to facilitate your customers in finding out exact location of each hotel quickly and simply.

Email notification system is provided to send an email notification will be sent to customer, admin and hotel owner after each successful booking to confirm customer’s reservation. Besides, admin can edit email arbitrarily.

Online payment method is applied to bring more efficient to customers via PayPal account

Hotel listing consists of Pagination in order to give high visibility to website.

Booking online website can be configured add-on services which is out of listed services such as facility which is divided into 2 types: hotel facility and room facility. Admin would be able to create facility from back-end and hotel owner can choose and give price for each facility they provide from front-end.

To provide more effectiveness to your company in operating and managing from back-end, we have also equipped our product with supporting tools including hotel listing management, room listing management, destination management, master listing management such as: country, payment...,plus order and customer management

Professional and user-friendly templates are provided, so you can choose any templates which suit your intere

Nowadays, with constant technology development, it is a fundamental requirement for any business to possess a professional and user-friendly website for giving customers more convenience. Therefore, you can increase the customer loyalty in the future and are less likely to lose a client to a competing company. Go along with this trend, we have made constant efforts to bring you best technological solutions to assist you in significantly expanding your online hotel booking operations and generating income up to several times more than you do now with just a reasonable cost of from USD 2000 to USD 5000.

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