The Sabre Global Distribution System unites more than 350,000 travel agents around the world, offering airline, hotel, cruise and car rental bookings. Sabre integration has been proven to improve travel agents’ productivity and efficiency. 

Joombooking offers you a connection to an innovative end-to-end solution and 24/7/365 customer service through the Sabre Air API or Abacus API (Abacus is sub company at Asia Pacific). Developers of travel related products and travel agencies can use our component for making Joomla flight booking with Sabre.

In our component, we consume the Sabre web service by SOAP. You can choice the BargainFinderMaxRQ or OTA_AirLowFareSearchLLSRQ to search the low fare. In the component configuration, you can setup the Sabre Agency parameters such as: PCC, agency username, password. 

A simple demo for low fare search function at Sabre demo

For PHP developers who wants to integrate with Sabre API by PHP, we can also provide PHP library then you can use in your web application.   

We also offer the full Joomla-Sabre flight booking website or customizing service. 

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