1. System parameter setting

Click: Cpanel->Configuration

- Main Setting: Currency setting, term and condition, privacy

- Image folder setting

1.1. Account setting

Setup user group for customer, hotel owner and agent

- Go to Joomla User group manager. Create three groups for each user type

- Go to Hotel Configuration -> Account Setting and configure user group for each account type

1.2: Registration field: Setting customer field when registration and booking

1.3: Gallery setting: Setting for hotel gallery display

2. Manage Hotel

2.1 Create hotel

You can create unlimited number of properties in any country, state and city worldwide. Each property will create dynamic property details page.


  • Create your Country, States, Cities before creating property. 
  • Create property category for your property (ex: apartments, hotels, guesthouse)
  • Create facilities for your property

- Upload Hotel Gallery: When you upload gallery complete, select one of photo in the gallery and click default button to make main image of hotel

2. Manage Rooms and rate

2.1 Manage room

Click: Cpanel->Hotel->Room

Managing room in JB hotel system is very simple and easy once you understand how we calculate price and how system work during booking.

Room is very important feature of Hotel System. Here super admin and hotel admin can define if this room  sell by room.  You must define the following information

Room title: Single, Double,  King...

Room capacity: number of adult, number of children, rate for children, maximum age for child, total room type for selling in this portal

2.2. Manage  Rates

Click: Cpanel->Hotel->Rate

Managing room rates is one of the most important job for hotel manager and its need to define a year ahead for online campaign or based on internal marketing strategy. You also need to define rates for high and low season , also during weekend and weekday price can be vary upon location.

2.3 Manage Availability

Setting rate and room availability for each day

4. Facility

Facilities management system allows you to give different kinds of facilities for properties. And these facilities will be seen as check boxes in the property registration page where you can select different facilities for each property

5. Hotel category

You can create unlimited hotel category so hotel admin can define best category for his/her property during adding hotel information and User can also search or browse property by category. 

For new registration of property, property category is must. It defines what type of property it is (ex: hotels, apartments…) you can search properties according to the property category wise in front end.

6. Hotelier registration (Supplier)

Hotelier should register an account at frontend by registration form. In default setting, this account belongs to the customer group.

1. Register account by frontend registration form

2. User activates account by email

3. Approve: Admin goes to Joomla User Manager and assigns customer to Hotelier group (need to un-check of customer group)

4. Customer becomes hotelier and can login to frontend to upload hotel.

7. Hotelier Dashboard

- Hotelier can manage hotel, rooms at the frontend

- Hotelier can manage room rate, room availability at the frontend

- Hotelier can manage the order at the frontend