Train ticketing solution

Train ticketing system

Digital transformation solution for train travel companies

HVTech specializes in digital transformation for tourism-related services such as online booking system, back office operation, SEO & marketing

We provide comprehensive digital transformation solutions for train travel companies. Our solution provides functions from infrastructure management including: managing carriages, managing cabins, train ticket types to booking management, passenger seating, online ticket booking tools for retail customers and agents, e-ticket, financial and debt management..

Infrastructure managment
– Manage carriages, cabins, seats information

– Manage route, sub route
– Manage price configuration


  • Back office booking management: Create booking, confirm booking, booking voucher
  • Direct booking module for passenger
  • TA Booking module for agencies

Seat allocation

  • E-Boarding pass:
  • Seats assignment
  • Checkin: Provide QR code on boarding pass then checkin counter can check the


  • Revenue management
  • Sale report